Tuesday, April 29, 2008

hask placenta conditioning treatment

pre-pooed with ORS Hair MayonnaiseVo5 1-minute Hot Oil TreatmentShampooed with Design Essentials Moisture Retention ShampooDeep conditioned with Hask Placenta Conditioning TreatmentRoller setSaran WrapI found that I didn't really like the results from the Hask Placenta conditioning treatment. My hair was excessively tangled and when washing out I had to use another conditioner just to be able to comb through. I much prefer the results from Aphogee or Brocato treatments. I had bought the Hask Placenta because they had a really good protein treatment, but this conditioner just doesn't cut it for me. I guess I have officially started my Favs list - Hask Placenta Conditioning Treatment is NOT on it lol.The saran wrap worked out fairly well, but since my hair is 8-weeks post relaxer, the new growth is being a little... let's say "stubborn" even after I blow out my roots. I find that I can only wear my hair open once after the saran wrap before said "resilient" NG puffs right back out!

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