Monday, May 5, 2008

what's with nexxus??

i've been trying to find an efficient way of tracking my progress, so I've decided that this blog is going to act as my hair journal - each week (hopefully) I'll write about my hair experience for that week and at the end just list a summary of the products I used and an overall rating so that I can easily refer back to them.This week I changed up my routine a bit. I'm still consider myself to be in search of a solid hair routine, so it involves experimenting with different products to find the right match. After last weeks terrible DC I went out and purchased the Nexxus Therappe Shampoo and Humectress Conditioner.I really liked the results. The shampoo is sooo different to any I've ever tried. My hair actually felt soft as I was shampooing and there was little tangling!! The Humectress conditioner detangled well and left my hair soft as well. I deep conditioned with a combination of the Humectress and Aphogee's Intensive Keratin Reconstructor. The results were pretty good.After the DC I blow-dried, flat ironed my hair and then did the saran wrap. My hair turned out gor-ge-ous! The next day at work I received numerous compliments. I'll definitely be trying out more of these Nexxus products in the near future.

Pre-Poo: No
Hot Oil Treatment: VO5
Co-Wash: No
Shampoo: Nexxus Therappe
Conditioner: Nexxus Humectress
Deep Conditioner: Nexxus Humectress & Aphogee Intensive Keratin ReconstructorLeave-In Treatment: Infusium 23
Styling Products: IC Hair Polish, Heat Protectant Straightening Serum
Styling Routine: Blow Dry, Flat Iron, Saran Wrap
Overall Results: Good - Nice shine, soft, nice bounce

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