Thursday, May 22, 2008


I'm no newbie to "stretching" but back in the day there was no term for was just a case of "Not-being-able-to-afford-to-spend-money-on-a-relaxer-this-month". It was not something to be admired back then, in fact you felt somewhat embarrassed walking around with close to 2 inches of new growth. My how the times have changed when we can embrace our natural kink at least for a few weeks longer.

I say all that to say that we found creative ways to handle the new growth back then (good grief I'm making myself sound so old lol) One such practice was cornrows. They were great because they were a "protective style" and lasted a week or more without the need to aggitate said new growth with a comb. I had almost forgotten about cornrows until this weekend. My hair is 10-weeks post relaxer and let me tell you it is akin to "The Fury of A Woman's Scorn"! Nothing makes it more manageable! Nothing that is except cornrowing. So I spent most of my Saturday afternoon after I washed and deep conditioned, cornrowing my hair. The results were quite good if I do say so myself (except for the parting lol), and it helped me rediscover a braid spray that is awesome! I think I will start using it as a regular daily moisturizer as it incredibly makes my new growth soft! It's called Better Braids Spray, and it does have in mineral oil so some people won't like it, but I think it's a keeper for me.

So to those of you struggling with the new growth, I recommend trying some cornrows and maybe that can put you out of your least for a few days.

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