Saturday, May 24, 2008

nexxus rocks!

so my Nexxus products finally arrived!!! My hair is in cornrows at the moment so I decided to wash my hair without undoing the cornrows. So here's what I did. I didn't have time for the pre-poo, so I just clarified carefully (to avoid disrupting my cornrows) with the Aloe Rid Shampoo, then applied the Aloe Rid Treatment. After that I conditioned with the Emergencee. Even though I didn't have time to sit under the dryer I thought that the emergencee treatment worked quite well. The last few washes I have been plagued with alot of breakage and I was blaming it on my new growth, but today I didn't experience any of that! Amazing!! After the Emergencee treatment I had to shampoo with Therappe. This is 'the' best moisturizing shampoo I have EVER tried. It smells delish and it didn't tangle my hair at all, I was really impressed. At 11 weeks post relaxer I have never before been able to wash my hair and without it tangling - NEVER! Today it was a breeze. I must admit that as you wash out the Therappe, your hair doesn't feel as moisturized however once you follow it up with the Humectress Conditioner your hair feel completely moisturized and nice and smooth to the touch - not wiry as has been my experience with some other products. I now understand why there is a Nexxus following, and I'm pretty confident I'll be jumping on the bandwagon after this experience. Finally I used the Nexxus Leave-In Conditioner, and roller-set the back of my hair. Still waiting for the rollers to dry completely, but hopefully my set will come out good.

Pre-Poo: No
Hot Oil Treatment: None
Co-Wash: No
Shampoo: Aloe Rid Clarifying & Nexxus Therappe
Treatment: Aloe Rid Clarifying Treatment
Conditioner: Nexxus Humectress
Deep Conditioner: Emergencee w/o heat
Leave-In Treatment: Nexxus Leave-In & Infusium 23
Styling Products: Water, Better Braids
Styling Routine: Roller set hair that is not in cornrows
Overall Results: Very, very good

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