Tuesday, May 13, 2008

ors moisturizer

so I was on the hunt for a moisturizer, and my attempts at making one have been unsuccessful thus far (I think I'll stick to lotions, creams and butters lol). In my desperate attempt to find something, anything to moisturize my thirsty hair, I started rummaging through the cupboard and butt up on some ORS Olive Oil. I must have had it for years, but when I opened it, it still looked good...i did the sniff test and it didn't smell rancid so I decided to start using it. To be honest I now remember why i never used it - I don't fancy the scent. Having said all that however, I will try it for at least a week and see how my hair responds. If my hair responds well I'll use it out (despite my issues with the scent) before buying a new moisturizer.Can you tell I'm trying hard not to be a PJ!???

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